Panther 1-Wire Programmer

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  • Standalone mode – Production programming of Dallas 1-Wire devices
  • Remote mode – Program 1-Wire over USB with LabVIEW driver
  • SD Card Slot for standalone Write/Read operations
  • 12V Programming
  • TO-92 connector for 1-Wire devices
  • Expansion connector for SOP8 sockets


The Panther 1-Wire Programmer is a programming tool that enables reading and writing of Maxim 1-Wire memory devices.  It also has an SD card slot which enables different 1-Wire programming files to be stored and selected via a local touchscreen interface.  The programmer includes the capability of issuing a high voltage (12V) programming pulse that Add-Only 1-Wire devices require for programming.  It is also possible to read the contents of a connected 1-Wire device and save the data to a file on the SD card.

For full automation, an optional USB Serial interface is available in order to remotely issue read or write commands to the attached 1-Wire device.  This can be used in an automated production test application to program device specific data on a 1-Wire device via a free LabVIEW toolkit.

Supported Hardware

  • DS2401 – 1-Wire Silicon Serial Number
  • DS2406 – 1kbit Serial EEPROM
  • DS2430A – 256-Bit EEPROM
  • DS2431 – 1kbit Serial EEPROM
  • DS2431A1 – 1kbit Serial EEPROM for Automotive Applications
  • DS24B33 – 4kbit EEPROM
  • DS2502 – 1k-bit Add-Only Memory
  • DS2502-E64 – 768 bits user-programmable OTP-EPROM
  • DS2505 – 16k-bit Add-Only Memory
  • DS2506 – 64Kb Add-Only Memory
  • DS28E05 – 112 Byte EEPROM
  • DS28E07 – 1kbit Serial EEPROM


  • Standalone operation – 1-Wire to SD Card and SD Card to 1-Wire
  • Remote operation over USB Serial with LabVIEW driver
  • Capable of issuing 12V programming pulse (DS2502, DS2505, etc.)
  • 3.3V Read/Write Operation to 1-Wire
  • TO-92 connector for 1-Wire devices
  • Single USB Cable for Power
  • Fully Compliant with USB 2.0 Specification (onboard FTDI adapter)
  • Can be controlled over USB Serial with LabVIEW driver
  • Custom configurations stored on SD card to read and write from different 1-Wire devices at the touch of a button

System Requirements

  • LabVIEW 2014 or higher with NI-VISA 14.0 or higher (for remote mode only) 

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